Terms & conditions of using our service

The services and information offered  to the users of our website is as accurate and up to date as possible and although we aim to keep the information provided as such, we can not be responsible where in extreme circumstances this may not be the case. 

We are a third party operating independently of all airlines and are therefore not associated or affiliated by any means.

All of the services provided are optional and independent of your Airline, users are therefore responsible for checking with their airline whether their online check in is mandatory.

We are bound by your airlines online check-in policy and therefore adhere to any restrictions and requirements. 

By instructing us to conduct your requested service on your behalf you provide us with consent to view your booking information held with your airline, travel agency or any other booking provider .

In some cases the booking reference provided by you may be a group booking therefore containing additional named passengers, you must obtain the relevant named passengers consent for us to also view their information and act on their behalf to complete their online check-in prior to instructing us.

Information provided by you will only be used for its intended purposes to allow us to conduct and complete our services offered, requested by you.

You are responsible for the accuracy of the information provided, this is crucial for reasons such as passport information (API) obtained will be sent to your airline.

Your requested service will not be conducted until we have made contact and determined whether we are able to assist ensuring our service is beneficial to you.

If we are unable to make contact for any reason such as incorrect telephone number, email address or any other inaccurate information no further assistance will be provided and no payment debited.

Where we are unable to assist with your requested service no payment will be debited.

Airline extras are optional, some of which we offer assistance with. It is your responsibility to inform us if any such extras are required, such as allocated seating, priority boarding, additional luggage, fast track to name a few.

We are not responsible for additional fees that you may incur; examples include Airline check in penalty, excess baggage, excess weight to name a few.


Assisted travel is usually arranged at the time of the booking, it is your responsibility to inform the airline if you have any specialist requirements or  are in need of any form of assistance at the Airport, boarding or during your flight.

informing your airline of any medical conditions or allergies is also your responsibility.

Allocated seating, where possible can be arranged on your behalf. Some airlines charge for this privilege, we aim to meet your requirements but are restricted to the availability offered and are not responsible where such seating needs are not achieved. Airlines have the right to move passengers and this is out of our control.

You must make us aware if you do not meet the criteria of your airlines seating policy rendering you unsuitable for  a particular seat such as emergency exit rows.

Passengers are advised to familiarize themselves with their airlines luggage policy, size, dimensions, weight allowance and the carriage of prohibited items.

helpful link :https://www.gov.uk/hand-luggage-restrictions