Ryanair check in return flight.

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With the recent changes to Ryanair's check in policy, I thought I would take the time to write this article to provide passengers who are travelling with Ryanair with some clarity when it comes to Ryanair check in return flight arrangements. Passengers checking in online with Ryanair for their return flight can do so four days before each flight.

Ryanair's new check in times have made it a whole lot harder for passengers to check in for their return Ryanair flight if they have not opted to purchase allocated seating.

Ryanair's online check in window has reduced to 4 days up to 2 hours prior to your flight departure.

As you can imagine this change will affect many passengers who are away for 4 days or more. Passengers are now left with the dilemma of finding an internet cafe and printer whilst away on their holiday, or face Ryanair's check in fees at the Airport.

Airport check in with Ryanair is rather costly, the fee currently stands at £45 per person or £15 per person for a Ryanair boarding pass.(correct as of 31/01/17)

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