What do you mean by online check in Ryanair?

What do you mean by online check in Ryanair, Ryanair check in, Ryanair online check in, Ryanair boarding pass

Online check in is mandatory with Ryanair. You have to print out a boarding pass or download it via Ryanair's check in app. This means that any passengers (who are not upgraded to Business plus) and who fail to check in online with Ryanair will face fees at the Airport.

Airport check in fees currently stand at (03/02/2019) £55 per person Airport check in per flight.

Airport boarding pass issue is £25 per Ryanair boarding pass.

Ryanair online check in is available from 48 hours up to 2 hours prior to your flight departure. Remember that you must also check in for your return Ryanair flight too. This can prove to be tricky if you are away on holiday for 3 days or more as your Ryanair check in for your  return flight will not open until 2 days prior to the return flight date. This, therefore means that, passengers who do not have allocated seating will be expected to find an internet cafe or internet connection for their return Ryanair check in.

This is not always possible, perhaps you're staying somewhere remote or unfamiliar putting you at risk of being unable to check in for your Return flight and therefore facing charges at the Airport.

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Once we have completed your Ryanair online check in, we deliver your boarding pass by post email or fax.

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