Ryanair baggage - Exceeded your Ryanair

hand luggage allowance? Unsure of size and wieght allowances- Let us Help add a bag!



Unsure of how to add a bag with Ryanair, Our luggage help service ensures you have the correct luggage allowance.


Travelling too heavy and exceeded your Ryanair cabin baggage allowance-Let us add a bag for you.

We manage your Ryanair booking for you, so adding Ryanair baggage couldn't be simpler with our Ryanair baggage help service. Tell us your Ryanair luggage requirements and we arrange it for you.

You may have already tried to add a bag but you have been unsuccessful as your details don't match to log in and manage your own Ryanair online check in.







Ryanair hand luggage.


Ryanair hand luggage size and allowance is not always enough and at times you may exceed your Ryanair baggage allowance. We can add Ryanair baggage for you.

Ryanair hand luggage size is an allowance of one cabin bag Which can weigh up to 10kg. Maximum dimensions are: 55cm x 40cm x 20cm, plus an additional small bag up to 35 x 20 x 20cm onboard.


If you have exceeded your Ryanair cabin baggage allowance then we can add a bag for you.













Ryanair baggage- Ryanair luggage size explained:


Ryanair baggage to go in the hold of the Aircraft can be added via the manage my booking section.

We strongly advise you to add a bag in advance to avoid Ryanair luggage fees, which are heavily inflated at the Airport. This also allows you to avoid excess luggage fees and charges too.

you can check-in a 15 kg or 20 kg suitcase. 


Ryanair suitcase size- Hold of the Aircraft.

Your Ryanair checked in suitcase size, dimensions, and allowance are as follows:

You can purchase up to 2 bags per passenger. Luggage allowances are 15 kg or 20 kg per case.

Prices for checked luggage are charged per person, per flight.





Can checked baggage allowances be pooled together?


Ryanair luggage allowances do allow for a passenger to increase their luggage size and weight by pooling the bags together. This is ideal if one passenger is travelling heavier than the other. Passengers must be checking in at the same time and be on the same reservation number.

Example of pooling:

David's luggage weighs 13 kg and his wifes weighs 17 kg. The combined (pooled) Weight allowance would be 30 kg.

At the time of making the booking, both passengers purchased a 15 kg bag each.


For health and safety reasons ryanair will not allow a single luggage size and weight exceeding 32 kgs with a greater dimension than:81cms (height), 119cms (width) and 119cms (depth).





Ryanair's Excess baggage fees:


If you exceed your 15 kg or 20 KG allowance you will be charged a fee at £10 per Kilogram or the currency equivalent from your Airport of check in.

Remember that Ryanair hand luggage exceeding the dimesions stated will be placed in the hold of the Aircraft and therefore subject to Ryanair's checked in luggage fees.









For help with adding a bag to your Ryanair flight:


Call:    0333_772_0108

Overseas:0044 203_514_6661