Jet2 check-in service.

Need help with the Jet2 check in process? 


Perhaps your Jet2 online check-in is not working or you can't print your Jet2 boarding pass. 


Jet2 check-in online problems resolved fast.


We complete your Jet2 check in for you, print and deliver your jet2 boarding pass.

Benefits of using our flight

check-in service:


We specialize in third party bookings problems:

Edreams-Bravofly-Broadway travel-On the beach...


Avoid  Jet2 Airport check-in penalties of  £17.50 per person where online check-in has been selected but you're unable to do so.


Check-in and API completed for you


Avoid premium rate contact numbers.


We can allocate you a seat, ensuring you are sat comfortably in a seat right for you. 


Outbound & return boarding passes deliverd


Avoid Internet cafes whilst away


Travel documents delivered Globally: FAX, EMAIL & POST.


Avoid missing your flight.


No printer or internet required

3 Simple steps to our check-in service...

  • Tell us your flight dates

  • Airline reference number

  • Where your flying from-to

  • Name of third party company(If used).


Submit flight details


We call you back

  • An agent will call you 

  • Passport details collected

  • Check-in completed

  • Boarding pass delivered 

  • email-Fax- International post

Payment for services

 Payment over the phone for luggage and allocated seating.

  • Visa

  • Mastercard

  • Amex

  • Paypal

  • Refund if we can't help.



Jet2 check-in help

Payment taken.



  • Avoid £17.50 Jet2 Airport check-in fee

  • Can't check-in with Jet2?

  • Can't print your Jet2 boarding pass?

  • Need Jet2 online check-in assistance?



Avoid penalties at the Airport with our online check-in help service.

We check you in, add you API & deliver your boarding passes removing the need for printers or Internet cafes.

check-in problems resolved fast.