Avoid Airport Check-in penalties (up to £55 pp each way) 

*with some airlines for failing to check in (excludes business plus passengers)

Avoid internet cafes whilst away for your return check-in

Receive outbound & return boarding passes before you travel.

(Allocated seating may be required for this option)

Internet or printer not required

( Where post, Fax or text selected)

Third party bookings check in problems resolved

*On the beach, edreams, bravofly, Travel republic,Teletext, Cheapo air , Broadway travel and more.

Check-in & boarding pass problems resolved quickly.


Independent flight check in help service for passengers experiencing Airline check in or boarding pass problems.

Avoid airline check-in penalties (some airlines), long queues and Internet cafes.


Our online check-in service takes care of the entire process for you making for a hassle free and convenient check in and travel experience.

Let us check you in, arrange seating, luggage requirements and send your boarding pass by mail, email or directly to your mobile phone.






1.Tell us your Flight details.

Select check-in now.

Fill out our simple form, covers your seating, luggage and boarding options too.



3.Payment processed.

Once we have established your specific requirements and are able to assist, payment for your selected services will be processed.

2.We call you back.

Select a preferred time to be contacted. We will collect your API (Passport, or EEA details)

Discuss your luggage and seating requirements & check you in.

4.Boarding pass delivered.

Delivered to any Global destination by post, Fax, email, Text message .

print ryanair boarding pass
 Our Check in Service, Includes us adding your  API, completing your Check in for you  and sending you your boarding pass.  Avoid penalties, missing your flight, searching for internet cafes whilst away. Check-in the stress free way!
Allocated Seating service ensures that you are sat comfortably together in a seat that suits you.
How to add a bag with ryanair, Can't add a bag with Easyjet
Ryanair boarding pass
Adding luggage now provides huge savings on Airport luggage fees. 
Airline online check-in
Flight, Date, Name, Destination Changes
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Airport Check in can be expensive, inconvenient and time consuming.


Avoid expensive Airport check-in penalties (*Ryanair) with our check in service. If you can't print your boarding pass or are unsure of how to check in online or via your airline's app, we can do it for you.


 Simply tell us your travel dates and we take care of the rest.

 Your API (passport or EEA card details)- Allocated seating (If required) Print and send you your airline boarding pass by post, email, text or fax to your home, Villa, mobile phone, Hotel or any Global destination.


Our independent airline check in help service ensures that you are not faced with any unexpected penalties (*Some airlines) or long delays.


  • Boarding pass won't print?

  • Don't have an internet connection to check-in?

  • Unsure of how to check-in online with your Airline?

  • Made a third party booking and details don't match to check-in online?

  • Can't print your return Ryanair boarding pass?

  • Return check-in not working?


Worry not,www.online-Check-in.co.uk complete your online check-in for you. We provide both your outbound and return boarding passes, this removes the time consuming task of finding an Internet cafe whilst away to complete your return check-in. Our check-in service ensures that you are checked in correctly providing a complete piece of mind that you'll never be faced with check-in penalties of up to £55 pp at the Airport (with some airlines).

We check you in, add your API, select seating and luggage requirements and send you your boarding passes by post, email or fax.